Get to know First Presbyterian Church of Paris, TN. Learn the history of hymnals that we sing on Sundays.

Hymn History

This hymn was written in 1939 by Katherine K. Davis. It is a perfect song to store in our hearts to frighten away our adversaries. When singing this song it causes our enemies to turn and run in the opposite direction. We are after all surrounded by enemies more daunting than pesky little goblins, are we not? For instance that roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1Peter 5:8), his demons, along with our own sins of pride, selfishness and idolatry. One of the ways we can keep watch and protect ourselves from our foes is through prayer and by filling our hearts with thanksgiving (Col 4:2). 

 In this song we call all creation to join us in giving thanks to God, who guides, protects, and sets His love upon us. In verse 2 we see that the sun, stars, mountains, and oceans obey Him and proclaim His sovereign deity and that we should unite with them! Such beautiful truths to incorporate into our family rhythms and echo off the walls of our homes throughout this week, especially this week. Praying that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and that you truly do remember all that you are thankful for during this beautiful holiday. 

For the beauty of the earth
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Stewards of life

Interim Pastor Rev. Carol Wade

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