First Presbyterian Church of Paris, TN

We are at the corner of W Blythe St and South Market St in Paris, TN. 

We are located at 105 S Market St, Paris, TN 

Phone: (731)642-2962

Suppply Pastor


5th: Elder Melissa Worthey

9th:  (Maundy-Thursday) Rev. Dr. Tony Janner (Communion)

12th: (Easter) Rev. Dr. Tony Janner (Communion)

19th: Dr. Robert Valentine

26th: Rev. Lockhart

Who are We?

First Presbyterian Church of Paris, TN service starts at 11:00 AM every Sunday. We do have a nursery for children who are 5 years of age or younger.

Our Past:

The history of the First Presbyterian Church of Paris dates considerably more than 100 years, possibly as early as 1820. A small band of Presbyterians bought the property and built a house of worship and a manse on North Market Street between 1820 and 1830.  Ten persons, nine men, and one woman, each gave $100 toward the cost. We managed to use a couple of different buildings in the Paris area. We have used the Paris Lodge in the 1860s and the city hall in the early 1900s and then we purchased our current lot from the Mason's in 1913. We laid our cornerstone in 1916 and we have been in the building ever since. Our memberships currently are about 100, we have seen ups and downs in the church's history and we are currently seeing an increase in visitors and we are excited to continue to see the church grow and last several hundred more years. Why don't you be our next visit and see why we are so special? 

Dear First Presbyterian Church Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers for us and patience with us as we navigate this rapidly changing set of circumstances. The Session of First Presbyterian Church, Paris, met electronically last evening and made the decision to cancel all activities in the church facilities through March 31st, due to the risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19. 

Your Session realizes that two weeks may not be enough time to adequately protect our members, staff, and community from the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19. Therefore, the session decided to hold a called meeting on Tuesday, March 31st, to survey the situation and extend the cancellations if necessary.

What can our church do in such dire circumstances? There is much we can do! The Session spent time brainstorming ways that committees can offer alternative worship, music, educational, and mission activities during our time apart. We asked the Budget & Finance Committee to make sure that we have plenty of funds on hand for continued ministry and to promote online giving so that members and friends can donate to the church from any location.
Our Office Manager, will be attentive to your calls, making sure that communications flow quickly by means of email, first class mailings, and telephone outreach.


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